SplitmediaLabs, Limited. - Product and Technology company specializing in video and audio innovations Developers of XSplit. More than 13 Million people and businesses use SplitmediaLabs products to grow their communities, create innovative content and connect with other players from around the world. http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/ XSplit Broadcaster 3.9 Released! Fri, 20 Dec 2019 03:17:55 -0800 http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-broadcaster-3-9-released http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-broadcaster-3-9-released <p>An update for XSplit Broadcaster 3.9 is now available and it brings a whole host of new features that have been long requested by the community. From finer color correction controls using LUTs, to the ability to override the transition for a specific scene. In this post, I’m going to go over what I feel are the coolest new features we’ve added in this update and what you can expect going forward.<br>?</p><p>You can update to this version in-app or download it from the <a >Broadcaster page</a>.</p><h3><p>LUT Support & Filters</p></h3><p>Color look-up-tables (LUTs) allow you to recolor a source using an image representation of the spectrum of colors. It essentially remaps the colors from the LUT to your source. Quite a complicated way of saying they recolor your images. They look like the image below and we’ve <a target="_blank" >included some examples</a> to help you get started using them quicker. There’s a <a >full guide here</a> if you want to create your own. In addition to LUTs, we’ve also added some filter effects you can use that will allow you to do things like make your camera look like an old movie. You can access LUTs and Filters via the source properties window in the effects tab.</p><h3><p>Stream Dashboard</p></h3><p>When you’re streaming, you want to be able to see all of the information that’s important to you. That’s why we created the Stream Dashboard extension. It works with the four main streaming services, so that’s Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer. It will show your chat, stream stats and then all the events you receive whilst streaming such as followers, subscribers, likes, etc. This is all inside a singular extension that you can drag and move around. There are a few improvements we’d like to make in terms of the flexibility in size each of the panels can be but this...<a href=http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-broadcaster-3-9-released>Read More</a> XSplit VCam 1.1 Released - The best background removal app just got better. Fri, 15 Nov 2019 03:01:33 -0800 http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-vcam-1-1-released-the-best-background-removal-app-just-got-better http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-vcam-1-1-released-the-best-background-removal-app-just-got-better <p>It’s been a year since we first released XSplit VCam to the world in early access so it’s fitting that we push out an XSplit VCam 1.1 update to celebrate!. While we have been incrementally providing updates to XSplit VCam to improve performance and nix out some bugs throughout the year, this 1.1 update is the biggest release so far as we’ve addressed some of the biggest things requested and also worked hard to make some quality of life improvements for better overall user experience.</p><p>A revamped user interface</p><p>We’ve been <a >stepping up our UI/UX game</a> for some time now as we know a good user experience equates to fewer clicks to get things done and provide an overall smoother experience. That’s what we’ve exactly done here with the new horizontal layout that makes going through various options a breeze.</p> Even better user onboarding <p>The whole idea behind XSplit VCam was enabling users in the easiest possible way to remove or replace their background without the need for a green screen. There was a lot of thought and effort put into improving the actual AI that does the processing but what we learned is if we can help our users improve their overall setup, the result is just way way better. And that’s what we did by including some handy quick tips that guide users to get better results.</p> Enhancements in Background Images Library <p>A lot of people use XSplit VCam to specifically replace their background and we know it’s an area that can make use of some tidying up. In the new VCam 1.1, we made it easier for people to select a background by showing an actual thumbnail of image backgrounds you’ve used previously as well as some of the search results. With this, everything is just in one place so you don’t need to jump around various windows to do what you need to get done.</p> Future Updates <p>With this version, the VCam team will continue to focus on making VCam experience the best it can be. This...<a href=http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-vcam-1-1-released-the-best-background-removal-app-just-got-better>Read More</a> SplitmediaLabs Releases XSplit Gamecaster V4 Wed, 16 Oct 2019 03:45:12 -0700 http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/splitmedialabs-releases-xsplit-gamecaster-v4 http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/splitmedialabs-releases-xsplit-gamecaster-v4 <p>SplitmediaLabs, pioneers of innovative software for video game recording and streaming, are excited to announce XSplit Gamecaster V4, the easiest way to capture and share PC and console gameplay, will be available from today as a free download.Add paragraph text here.</p><p>XSplit Gamecaster V4 is rebuilt from the ground up as the next-gen solution for aspiring content creators to easily record and stream professional-looking video to share on popular platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook at the click of a button.</p><p><b>Key Features:</b></p><ul><li><b>Simple Setup. </b>Start live streaming or recording at the click of a button. XSplit Gamecaster automatically adjusts all of the necessary encoding settings to ensure your stream is of the highest quality and performance.</li><li><b>Stay in the Game. </b>Gamecaster's in-game HUD makes it easy to control your recording from one screen. Creators can start and stop their broadcast, toggle between scenes, interact with chat, and check out recent events and stats to help increase audience interaction.</li><li><b>Custom Themes. </b>Choose from more than 300 beautifully-designed themes or take control and build your own theme from scratch with Gamecaster's powerful and fully-customizable editor to make your videos truly unique.</li><li><b>Build Your Community.</b> Add follower alerts, donation trackers, subscriber goals, GIFs, and more to engage your community.</li><li><b>Cloud Storage. </b>Gamecaster stores all of your custom themes in the cloud, keeping your projects safe whether you are formatting your PC or broadcasting away from home.</li></ul><p>“XSplit Gamecaster V4 is a next-generation product like no other and represents a significant step forward for user experience and creating beautiful broadcasts in just a few simple clicks,” says Andreas Hoye, COO for SplitmediaLabs. “With XSplit Gamecaster V4 we implemented nearly a decade’s worth of experience and user feedback, to create what we believe...<a href=http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/splitmedialabs-releases-xsplit-gamecaster-v4>Read More</a> XSplit Announce Partnership with NVIDIA RTX Broadcast Engine Sun, 29 Sep 2019 04:09:25 -0700 http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-announce-partnership-with-nvidia-rtx-broadcast-engine http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-announce-partnership-with-nvidia-rtx-broadcast-engine <p>The NVIDIA RTX Broadcast Engine represents a huge leap forward for content creators using <a target="_blank" >GeForce RTX GPUs</a>, providing them with new avenues to enhance their productions. By utilizing the Tensor Cores on these RTX cards, AI-powered operations are able to run in real-time, streamlining the production output of creatives and enabling them to increase the quality of their content to a level that’s unheard of on consumer-grade hardware.</p><p>On our end, we are looking to augment <a >XSplit VCam</a>’s background removal for users with RTX GPUs. We believe that we can improve our app’s performance and efficiency, either by using NVIDIA’s RTX Greenscreen AI model or optimizing our existing model to fully take advantage of Tensor Cores. We are also considering RTX AR and RTX Style Transfer as potential feature updates for XSplit VCam.</p><p>In addition, while the RTX Broadcast Engine highlights its strengths through its real-time capabilities, we think that there’s also a big opportunity to use these same features on the XSplit <a >Express Video Editor</a>. Being able to use these on existing videos can serve multiple purposes, from breathing new life into old content to diversifying the creative flow of users by letting them try out different effects during post-production without needing to commit to applying them during the initial recording.</p><p>We are excited to start tinkering around with the RTX Broadcast Engine and look forward to more innovation from the NVIDIA team. You can check out NVIDIA’s full press release <a target="_blank" >here</a>.</p><a href=http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-announce-partnership-with-nvidia-rtx-broadcast-engine>Read More</a> XSplit partner with XSolla to launch Affiliate Program Tue, 13 Aug 2019 04:16:02 -0700 http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-partner-with-xsolla-to-launch-affiliate-program http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-partner-with-xsolla-to-launch-affiliate-program <p>We’re always working on ways to make using XSplit both beneficial and enjoyable to our users whether through new features and improvements based on your suggestions, further refining our support systems, or even holding occasional promos and giving out free Premium license keys to people wanting to try out our products. Today, it’s about giving you an easy way to make money with your content.</p><p>We are excited to introduce the <a target="_blank" >XSplit Affiliate Program!</a></p><ul><li>Get 10% incentive for every referral sale made through your referral link.</li><li>Easily track your referral juice in one glance, from your very own dashboard.</li><li>Cash in your referral juice anytime you wish.</li><li>Take advantage of exclusive seasonal discount promotions for your followers.</li></ul><p>The opportunity to make referral sales were previously only available to Elites but we wanted to open this up to as many people as possible. With the XSplit Affiliate program, you don’t need a big following at all. All you need to do is sign up, login with your social accounts, and you’re good to go!</p><p>Inside the program, you can find your personal affiliate link that you can promote on your channels. You earn 10% of the amount for every sale made using your link. Tracking stats in real-time can also be easily done through a dashboard where you can find metrics such as clicks, commissions, and revenue over a specified period of time.</p><p>Join the program today at <a target="_blank" >xspl.it/affiliate</a> and start making money!</p><a href=http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-partner-with-xsolla-to-launch-affiliate-program>Read More</a> XSplit to power EVO Championship Series 2019 Wed, 31 Jul 2019 04:17:52 -0700 http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-to-power-evo-championship-series-2019 http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-to-power-evo-championship-series-2019 <p>The XSplit stream production team is heading back to Las Vegas this year for another round of EVO madness. EVO or <a target="_blank" >Evolution Championship Series</a> – the most prestigious fighting game tournaments in the northern hemisphere (if not, the world)!</p><p>Our team will be at the Mandalay Bay from August 2 to 4 for the largest and longest-running fighting game tournament that brings together only the best and finest gamers from around the world. Expect a competitive yet fun atmosphere where fans gather and skilled gamers compete to become the best of the best – champions in their respective games.<br>?</p><p>In this years’ line up, the final numbers are up! Over 14,000 participants from all over will compete for the honor of being the best in their beloved games, not limited to – Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Tekken 7, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mortal Kombat 11, Soul Calibur VI, UNIST, Dragon Ball Fighter Z, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle and Samurai Shodown.<br>?</p><p>There is no doubt that this year’s competition is going to be really intense! We’ll be sure to have our socials updated for the latest activities and news on the event day itself, so make sure to follow our socials for fresh news from our event correspondents – <a target="_blank" >AJ</a> and <a target="_blank" >Kevin Kim</a>.<br>?</p> Evolution of streaming in the FGC <p>Since 2011, XSplit has been used for the Evolution Championship Series live stream broadcast. The event was broadcasted to Ustream back in the day reaching over 2 million unique viewers consuming over 1.9 million hours of video content in total. This live stream was produced as collaborative efforts of fighting game sites <a target="_blank" >iPlayWinner</a>, <a target="_blank"...<a href=http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-to-power-evo-championship-series-2019>Read More</a> XSplit announces new standalone Express Video Editor Thu, 25 Jul 2019 04:21:53 -0700 http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-announces-new-standalone-express-video-editor http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-announces-new-standalone-express-video-editor <p>For nearly 10 years, XSplit has been an essential aid for content creators – whether for video game streaming, content broadcasting or just streaming in general. XSplit Broadcaster, Gamecaster, and the newly released VCam have all played an integral part in today’s streaming lifestyle.</p><p>This summer, we’re releasing another app that makes life easier while also allowing you to make the most out of your content. The team is excited to introduce the early access for <a >XSplit Express Video Editor</a>.</p><p>XSplit Express Video Editor</p><p>A well-loved but rarely utilized feature of both XSplit Broadcaster and Gamecaster, Express Video Editor is a good choice for faster and more efficient editing with a simplified and straightforward interface. Now with this standalone application, you’ll be able to reap the same advantages and some more!</p><ul><li>Effortlessly cut and stitch clips together, no rendering required</li><li>Have an upload-ready video in seconds</li><li>Import recordings from any streaming software at a click of a button</li><li>Incredibly CPU efficient</li><li>Completely FREE, no need for a premium license</li></ul><p>Gone are the days where you’ll need to use more complicated software to edit your gaming videos. With Express Video Editor, you can stream or record with <strong>ANY</strong> application of your choice, have it imported seamlessly, edited and/or trimmed, and exported for upload in a span of few minutes without the hassle of learning a complex video editing software.<br>?</p><p>Availability</p><p>XSplit Express Video Editor is on early access and is available at <a >xsplit.com/video-editor</a>. We’d love to hear your feedback so please let us know what you think through the comment section below, our social media channels or by hitting us up on our <a target="_blank" >official Discord channel</a>.</p><a href=http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-announces-new-standalone-express-video-editor>Read More</a> XSplit teams up with Devolver Digital at E3 2019 Tue, 11 Jun 2019 04:25:01 -0700 http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-teams-up-with-devolver-digital-at-e3-2019 http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-teams-up-with-devolver-digital-at-e3-2019 <p><strong>HONG KONG - June 11, 2019 -</strong> With news of brands skipping on the E3 2019 press conferences and the event is a few days away, we thought to confirm that XSplit will be back and has partnered with Devolver Digital once again to produce their live stage content straight from the Devolver Digital’s lot across the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 11 to 13.</p><p>Watch our E3 adventure last year with our Community Manager Arthur Arends.</p><p>We had much fun helping out on the stream production over at the DD lot, and we surely had a blast meeting fellow creators around the convention center. Here are <a target="_blank" >some photos</a> of our adventure from last year.<br>?</p><p>For real-time E3 2019 updates fresh and live from the LA Convention Center, follow us on <a target="_blank" >Twitter</a>, <a target="_blank" >Facebook</a>, and <a target="_blank" >Instagram</a>.<br>?</p><p>We’re also running an #XSplitxDevolverDigital giveaway during E3 so stay tuned for the mechanics. If you’re at the event venue, come and say hi! We’ll be at the Devolver Digital booth for most of the day. See you there!<br>?</p><p>PS. Don’t forget to tag us in your photos to get a chance to be featured on our socials</p><a href=http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-teams-up-with-devolver-digital-at-e3-2019>Read More</a> XSplit Broadcaster 3.8 Releases Announcing In-Game HUD Wed, 22 May 2019 04:17:52 -0700 http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-broadcaster-3-8-releases-announcing-in-game-hud http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-broadcaster-3-8-releases-announcing-in-game-hud <p>So far we’ve managed to keep up with our release schedule of a major release every two months with <a >PTR</a> releases in between. We’ve just released 3.8 into the wild where everyone now has access to the brand new in-game HUD amongst other features. The purpose of 3.8 was to bring something new to the table whilst also adding additional features that have been asked for. Oh and did I mention? Resize source hotkeys are back!</p><p>The in-game HUD allows you to both control XSplit Broadcaster from inside your game (similar to XSplit Gamecaster) but also allows you to manage your stream. You’re able to see chat and stream events whilst you play in the form of pinned widgets without the need for a second monitor. Widgets that you pin will only be visible to you and won’t be visible on your stream or recording when using Game Capture. That means you have complete freedom on how you position them without affecting viewer experience. We hope to expand on the HUD functionality overtime and provide even more functionality.<br>?</p><p>Whilst the HUD takes most of the limelight, we’ve added additional features such as the Scene source which allows you to add one scene to another. At first you might not necessarily see the point but if you think of a scene like a block that you can build and then add across as many scenes as you want, you create a really easy way to add repeatable elements to a scene and only have to edit it in one place. That’s not the only use case for this feature and I’ve seen many creative uses of it so give it a try and see how it can make your life easier or increase creativity.<br>?</p><p>Not sure what just happened? Replay Source allows you to play back what just happened on stream for a short period of time. We created the replay source to allow flexibility in how you use it. You can use it on an already existing scene as picture in picture and then use a hotkey to trigger it. Alternatively you can dedicate an...<a href=http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-broadcaster-3-8-releases-announcing-in-game-hud>Read More</a> XSplit partners with Restream to bring FTL support Wed, 10 Apr 2019 04:30:15 -0700 http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-partners-with-restream-to-bring-ftl-support http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-partners-with-restream-to-bring-ftl-support <p>FTL is now fully supported in XSplit Broadcaster 3.7 with the Restream.io plugin! We’ve been working closely with Restream since PTR 3.7 was released, and it’s finally here.</p><p>FTL stands for ‘faster than light’ and this protocol developed by Mixer, enables a low video latency for streaming. This is especially helpful if you’re engaging a lot with you viewers and giving them interactive controls through the platform. FTL support was first implemented on Mixer plugin itself and it’s now available for the Restream plugin as well.</p><p>Restream created a <a target="_blank" >step-by-step guide</a> on how to get started and we highly recommend you to check it out if you’re new to this thing!</p> XSplit Bundle with Restream! <p>There’s no better way to celebrate this than introducing the Restream-XSplit Bundle!</p><p>Get the ultimate multi platform streaming combo for a discounted price of $37/month! Restream allows you to broadcast to over 30 platforms simultaneously with minimal impact on your bandwidth and hardware, and XSplit Broadcaster is the perfect streaming application for that! Take advantage of the offer <a target="_blank" >here</a>.<br>?</p><p>This bundle is available for a limited-time period only and will expire on April 30 2019. Avail it while it lasts!</p><a href=http://www.toshiba-logi-dalian.com/blog/xsplit-partners-with-restream-to-bring-ftl-support>Read More</a> 妈妈的朋友6/富二代f2抖音app/精品国产自在现线拍国语/黄网站